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  • Solved question Zebra Code 128 - Missing last character

    By using the invocation code >; you are specifying that you want to use subset C for the encoding. This subset requires double digits, i.e. an even number of digits to follow.
    Your last application i... Read more

    Monday 04 June, 2012
  • Solved question Printing to Novell iPrint printers

    Hello Mikko,

    we have developed a connector for the IPP protocol. It is a standard Java based connector and plugs into Strs with very little effort. Contact me if you wish to try it out, and I will... Read more

    Tuesday 13 September, 2011
  • Question Modulo 10, rekursiv

    Hi Kjell,

    My guess is that they want an implementation of the more competent Verhoeff algorithm rather than the standard mod 10 (Luhn algorithm). While the Luhn algorithm is trivial, Verhoeffs is ... Read more

    Friday 26 November, 2010