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  • Production Monitor
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    In most cases the Post processor is used in a fully automated way. In practise it is needed to have a view on the contents of the Post Processor in order to be able to view, monitor and control the contents of the Post Processor Repository.

    With SP 5.5 EP1 we now have a web applciation which gives a view on the Post Processor Repositories with the possibility to view documents, count them, delete, create printjobs, split printjobs or in other words to enable operators, it and the business to activly manage the printjobs.

    Note: The Production Monitor described here only works on the Document Broker plus

  • Font Families in Storyteller and CompositionCenter
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    In most cases a font family consists of a plain font, with some variations on it with the same name. Like Arial, Arial bold, Arial Italic and so on. With one project the client choose to use the Frutiger 45 font, and some text in this had to be bold, so the client specified the use of Frutiger 45 bold. The problem the development team faced was that officially Frutiger 45 bold doesn’t exist.

    What applies for this font, of course can also be applied to many other fonts.

  • Deferred e-mail, or what to do, when StreamServe is too fast
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    A manufacturing customer used the delay in tradition mail delivery to ensure that their invoices arrived at the same time as their goods. The move to electronic invoicing (with our EU invoicing solution), brought the delivery time back to seconds. So the mails had to be halted for the number of days the goods would take to get to the customer.
    The Post Processor was used to implement this requirement.

  • StreamServe as Middleware
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    A national chain of retail shops has used StreamServe to implement their SAP - Webshop interface with the use of StreamServe, this for both SAP in- and outbound data.

  • StreamServe as ESB
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    Large travel company is using StreamServe as Enterpise Service Bus, handling up to a million transaction an hour.