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    Fragments to be used for InsertOverlay (9/9 votes)

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  • The Overlay Editor is a stand alone application in 5.6.2 since it is 32-bit and Design Center is 64-bit. Meaning that you will not be able to create overlays directly from Design Center but need to create then in the stand alone application and then import them. The Overlay Editor is also pretty restricted when it comes to design and usage compared to StoryTeller.

    When using PostProcesor functions like InsertOverlay, InsertPage etc you refer to an Overlay to be used. These functions should be developed to be able to use StoryTeller documents instead.


    More functionality, future removal of Overlay Editor (?), same development tool for everything.

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    Friday 24 April, 2015
    Christofer Lindqvist Christofer Lindqvist StreamServe Employee

    Add possibilities to refer to ssd's, fragments, URI's etc for the functions that today only refer to overlays, like InsertOverlay, InsertPage etc.

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