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    Substitution table in runtime (4/4 votes)

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  • Substituion tables are a simple and powerfull way to store data inbetween StreamServe jobs. 

    But these tables are not usuable when several instances of the same applicaiton, either multithreaded or load balanced are accessing the same table. 

    For serial numbers we can already the global serial number, so it would be great to have the same for substituion tables. 


    Storing substitution tables in the runtime would simplify the use of multithreaded and/or load balanced projects and make them more robuust. 

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    Monday 13 April, 2015
    Peter Martens Peter Martens StreamServe Employee

    Make it possible to use substitution table functions in the same way as we can with the GetGlobal Serno functions. Possible with a kind of "test and set" function. 

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