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  • It isn't possible to create standard styles in CC and the AdHoc Editor. You can only select fonts and sizes. However the paragraph settings, colors, styles that are defined by marketing and communications are 'free' to use.


    This means that communcation items can get an unwanted diversity. Users have to have knowledge about the style guidelines that the company has got.


    It would be a lot easier for content owners to create documents. The choose a style on a paragraph and everything is save. Business users that use AdHoc editor share the same benefits. They just select a style and everything else is done for them.

    It would ensure the company's look and feel.

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    Tuesday 03 February, 2015
    Mijno van der Ploeg Mijno van der Ploeg

    Make it possible to create custom text styles in Composition Center and AdHoc Editor.

    A style could be: header 1 with a font A, size 12pt, style: bold, color: red, line spacing: 13pt...

    Another style could be: body with a font B, size 10pt, style: regular, color: black, line spacing: 13pt...

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