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    Re-Introduction of the Batch Delete feature in StreamServe StreamStudio Collector (8/8 votes)

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  • In earlier versions than StreamServe StreamStudio Collector 5.4 you had a feature called Batch Delete.

    Unfortunately this feature has been abolished in later versions of Collector than 5.4.

    The only option to do this in the User interface of Collector is to select all the documents presented in the list after a search is performed. And to be able to select more than 20 (which is the default setting) each time you can change the parameter; Collector Items Per Page under Other Settings under My Preferences.

    This option is rathere cumbersome if you have a large archive and you would like to delete more than 20,000 entries in one go.


    The Batch Delete has the following advantages:

    1. Easy customizable access to maintain the archive

    2. Archive can be cleaned more easily


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    Friday 19 December, 2014
    Adobe Technical Support Adobe Technical Support

    Re introduction of the old feature Batch Delete

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    • There is an option to delete old documents by expiring date.


      Tuesday 12 January, 2016 by David Svennevid

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