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  • When you create projects according to the modular way as recommended by StreamServe (with a global, a main and some sub-projects), you should have several resource sets. As a consequence, you often need to link resource sets together. But "Add Resource Sets..." functionality is only available for platform, message and runtime objects.

    So you can have these problems:
    1. Some global images or overlays or StoryTeller documents are not availables from a resource located in another resource set.
    2. When you call a function located in another resource set, "Undefined function" message appears when you click on "Check syntax" button, even if it works during execution phase.


    1. Call global images, overlays or StoryTeller documents resources from another resource set
    Thus, you don't have to duplicate resources if you need it into another project.
    Exemple: add a logo (located in a global resource set) into a StoryTeller document (located in a sub-project)

    2. Call a function declared on the global project in a function file located in another resource set, without error
    As a consequence, there is no doubt about the validity of these functions.
    Exemple: create some global multi-use functions, called according to different rules into sub-projects functions.


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    Monday 17 November, 2014
    Sonia Velli Sonia Velli

    "Add Resource Sets..." functionality on a resource set object

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