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  • Customers using XML as input have standardized the structure of it. Typically there is a global section containing metadata providing information for controlling and processing.

    In the XMLIN editor these metadata are mapped to fields. This has to be performed per event and the definition cannot be reused nor shared.

    In case of a change (e.g. a new metadata is added) all events have to be revised. This is painful, time consuming and error prone.


    If there is a global field section which can be shared and used changes requires very little effort. In addition the test effort can reduced dramatically.

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    Wednesday 28 May, 2014
    Enrik Beste Enrik Beste StreamServe Employee

    The XMLIN editor should allow linking a new resource type "XML field definition". The resource is displayed in the event definition in the XML editor. Multiples resources of this resource type can be added, removed, replaced and changed easily.

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    • Some custome use a separate event for such global data which is common in all XML streams, but it would be much better if it would be possible to have the event modularized as Enrik suggested. Would make it a lot more flexible similar to the way we can do it in StoryTeller.

      Thursday 05 June, 2014 by Wolfram Priebsch

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