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    the "Clip"-Option for text fields in StoryTeller (2/2 votes)

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  • We are currently migrating our PageOut implementations to StoryTeller. During migration we noticed, that the 'clip' function from PageOut is no longer available in StoryTeller, which is a huge drawback from our perspective. We used this function before for almost all our text fields.


    Our customer expects characters to be printed until the allocated space limit is reached.



    A text field is set to a width of 5,4 cm Input value: CEE-AKK 123456789012345678901234567 Expected printout: CEE-AKK 1234567890123456789012


    With PageOut this could be achieved using the 'clip' function. With StoryTeller clipping only applies, if the input data consists of one word only. In the example above only 'CEE-AKK' is printed, so the second information is lost completely.


    The suggested workaround to replace all spaces with non-breaking spaces works. However this requires that we adapt all text fields in our application, which is not really feasible.




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    Tuesday 10 December, 2013
    Sergiy Tsyrulnikov Sergiy Tsyrulnikov

    So our improvement suggestion is to implement the 'clip' function also for StoryTeller.

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