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About StreamShare Ideas

StreamShare Ideas was launched in the fall of 2010 as a way to talk directly to our customers. StreamShare Ideas gives our customers a platform to share ideas and discuss solutions, an avenue for collaborations amongst customers and StreamServe.

We want our customers, partners and internal staff to be involved in the new functionality that will be included in future StreamServe releases and believe that the StreamShare Ideas platform is well suited to do this.


Posting an idea
• First, use the search function to determine if your idea, or something similar, is already posted on StreamShare Ideas.
• If you don’t see a similar idea, click “Submit Idea.” Be sure to create a specific and descriptive title and add relevant tags (you may use the auto complete function or use popular tags to the right).
• Step two will list all potential duplicates, based on similar words in the idea description. Look through the list to see if you find an idea already describing you problem. If so, add an alternative solution to this idea.
• If you do not find any duplicates go on to step three, where you are asked to explain the problem you perceive, describe what benefit your new/changed functionality will add and finally propose a way of solving this issue. All three fields are mandatory and we encourage you to complete them with as much detail as necessary to make others understand you problem better and to have an even foundation when discussing the alternative solutions. Please feel free to include links to other sections within StreamShare or other websites.
• As a default, you are subscribed to the idea which will notify you every time something happens with your idea; change of status, comment or solution is added.
• Your Idea will be updated to the status “New,” and will only be visible for you (on your profile page). When a moderator has reviewed and approved the idea, it will change to status “Open for voting” and it will be public to all StreamShare members.

Find my Ideas and Solutions
Your submitted ideas and offered solutions will be displayed on two different tabs on your profile page. This will help you keep track of them.
If you find an idea interesting and want to follow the action around it, make sure you subscribe to it by clicking the “Subscription” button next to the Idea title. When someone has added a comment or solution to the idea or the status has been changed, you will be notified according to your subscription settings on you profile page.

Navigate the Idea-list
On the Ideas starting page, you will find a list of all ideas (except ideas with status New). These can be listed in different ways;
• Popular - all ideas (except Released) are listed in order of total highest points - a formula combined of number of solutions, number of comments and highest score.   
• Latest – all ideas are listed here in creation date order
• Accepted – all Ideas with status “Accepted,” which mean that they align with the roadmap for the StreamServe product suite
• Released – all ideas with status “Released” which means that has been implemented into the StreamServe product suite
• Featured – all ideas that we think is particularly interesting and want to put extra focus on.


Who can submit an idea and solution?

Anyone logged into StreamShare can submit ideas and add solutions to StreamShare Ideas.

What kind of ideas can I submit?
We encourage you to submit all kinds of ideas related to the StreamShare product suite. We believe that technical ideas are sometimes easier to address in this framework whereas broader business ideas are easier to discuss face to face. In case you would like to discuss a business idea with us, please contact your local StreamServe office or send an e-mail to streamshare@streamserve.com.

Can I add an alternative solution to an existing idea?
Yes.  If you find an idea which describes the same problem that you have presented, we urge you to add an alternative solution to the idea rather than creating a new idea. We hope this will create more discussions around ideas and help us find the best solution to a problem. If however, your perceived problem is similar but not exactly the same as one from already existing ideas, then create a new idea. This is for keeping the discussion just around one specific problem at a time.

How can I add a comment to an Idea and/or solution?
You can add comments to an idea by using the text field at the bottom of the “view an idea” page. This is where you add comments to the idea itself; the explained problem and the expected benefit. If you want to comment on a specific solution there is a “Comment on this solution” link to every solution. This creates a normal comment in the comment list but it clearly displays which solution it is referring to.

How do I delete or edit one of my ideas?
As long as your idea is in status New you are able to edit or delete you idea. Just click the ideas title and the idea will be editable.

How can I delete or edit one of my solutions?
As long as there has not been any interaction with it, you will be able to delete or edit your solutions.

Status modes – what do they stand for?
All New ideas are monitored on a weekly basis. When they have reached the Open for voting mode, they are in the Product Manager’s evaluation loop. Below are more detailed explanations of the different steps:
• New – the idea has not yet been published and is reviewed by the moderator.
• Open for voting – the idea is made public for others to vote and comment on as well as place additional solutions. Product Managers will be made aware of the idea and will bring it into their evaluation loop.
• Accepted – the idea has been accepted by Product Management, which means that it aligns with the roadmap for the StreamServe product suite. However there is no commitment or decision made to when the idea will be included in the product.
• Rejected - the idea, although interesting, is not in line with the business plans and will not be implemented.
• Implemented – the idea has been implemented into the StreamServe product suite.
It takes time to assess what all ideas, solutions and feedback means, and take action on that feedback. However, we are always working on it. We will do our best to keep you updated on the status of your idea. If your idea stated that it has the status Accepted but you haven’t heard from us in a while, it does not mean we have lost interest in your idea. The Product Managers are aware of your idea, but need to find the right opportunity to include it in a roadmap and development cycle.

Is StreamShare Ideas moderated?
New ideas are being moderated before they are published. As the author of a new idea you will see your new Idea on your profile page without it being accessible to the public. Sometimes the moderator will ask you to add or specify your description before publishing it. This is because we would like the ideas, solutions and the discussions around them to be as unambiguous as possible.
Additional solutions and comments are not moderated prior to posting. The site manager and moderators retroactively remove postings that violate the Terms of Use. We will do our best to respond to comments – where appropriate – in a reasonable timeframe.

Will all ideas/solutions be implemented?
When an idea and solution is approved by the moderator it is taken into the Product Management plan of reviewing. The Product Management Team will agree on whether the idea is in line with the business plan or not, they will also take into consideration how big of a change the idea is to the current product. Numbers of votes on the idea will tell the Product Management team how big the interest is from our customers regarding a specific topic. There are many variables that affect weather an idea will be added to the roadmap or put on hold. We will do our best to communicate the Product Management Team’s decision about a specific idea over time.

Why should I vote for a solution?
Ideas cannot be voted on.  Instead you can place your vote on the solution you think is the better one. If you believe the proposed solution is not an efficient way of solving a problem, you can down-vote it. To show that you think the idea is interesting and important, but do not know if a specific solution to the problem is efficient or not, you can place a blank vote. You are also able to change your votes at any time (before the idea has status Implemented).
Ideas with the most votes (any kind) on them will show the Product Management that the idea is important and of interest to a lot of people. 

Can I vote on several solutions connected one idea?
Yes. You can place a vote (positive, negative or blank) on every solution to an idea. The blank vote is for showing your interest without placing an up or down vote. It could also be that you had placed an up or down vote on one solution and after a while an alternative solution is added and you want to change you vote to favor the new solution. You could then change your first vote to a blank vote.
 After placing a vote the button you choose will be disable, showing you later where you placed your vote and what your choices are if you want to change your already placed vote.

Can I delete a vote?
No.  It is not possible to delete a placed vote. You can however change your vote at any time (until the ideas has been implemented in the product).

How does the scoring work?
For each solution the number of votes is displayed, as well as the sum of these votes. For every idea the total sum for all solutions connected to an idea is displayed (listing Most Votes Idea) as well as the sum of all votes (listing Most Popular Idea).

I have a suggestions/comment for the site. How do I get in touch with you?
To give us your feedback on the Community I general or the Idea page in particular use the Feedback forum.