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    Double sections after template update

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  • Heikki Jaakkola Heikki Jaakkola
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    If I update my template revision and deploy it. After that some of the sections on my document definitions multiplys. The other section is empty and the other has the text object which is supposed to be there. When I click the text object I receive a message

    "An error occurred. please go back and try again. If the problem persists please notify the administrator"

    In some document definitions, after saving it deletes all sections that are below that "double section".

    It does not multiply the sections in all document definitions.

    I've also attached an image of the scenario. There you can see the recipient_rowx -sections are multiplied. There should only be one of them.

    StreamServe 5.6.2




    Friday 18 November, 2016

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    Christofer Lindqvist Christofer Lindqvist StreamServe Employee

    Verify that you havent created pages that are still in your process but not in the document view. If those pages have sections i believe they will show also. 


    Friday 18 November, 2016


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