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    Looping through data block or array?

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  • Kian Hwee Yeo Kian Hwee Yeo
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    I have a StreamServe project that might need to loop through certain repeating block of data many time during a job execution.

    I would like to check which operation is more expensive, loop through repeating block of mapped data or array?


    Kian Hwee

    Wednesday 26 October, 2016
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    Rajkumar Aoutade Rajkumar Aoutade


    In terms of Performance we can have below scenarios

    For less data use Array because it will store that data temparary and you can loop it without going to storyteller internal parsing and its xpath. However if there is large data then definately block looping is good.

    Block looping works at run time so you will not have any control to modify except xpath. but in Array you can modify data very easily and you can apply your business rule and logs.

    If you give input file then will get more clearity on it.







    Thursday 27 October, 2016


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