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    Remote installation of Control Center

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  • Andrew Day Andrew Day
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    We have many remote computers on which we want to install Control Center (i.e. Framework and StreamServer (x64), Control Center) and remote installation would be quicker and more secure if it is possible.  We could then complete the installation of the Application Domain and the Applications using Command Line Utilities.  The problem as I see it is that the StreamServe installation .EXE is interactive, and there does not appear to be a 'quiet' mode?

    Is it possible to remotely install StreamServe remotely using Windows Powershell?


    Andrew Day

    Wednesday 19 October, 2016
  • Enrik Beste Enrik Beste StreamServe Employee

    You can create an installation package as you can do with most windows applications. Please get in touch with technical support.

    I hope you have worked with the command line tools before. If not, please plan enough time to get used to it and the way how to create application domains and applications.

    Wednesday 19 October, 2016