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    Has dur imports been taken away in 5.6.2?

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  • Aymon Matthews Aymon Matthews Partner
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    A customer has upgraded to Persuasion 5.6.2

    It looks like the posibility to open dur files in the PageOut has been taken away.

    Is that correct or is there some other way? The sending system is M3. Thats the reason why storyteller is not a effective solution at this time.

    Regards Aymon

    Monday 03 October, 2016
  • Andreas Hjelle Andreas Hjelle

    Hi Aymon,

    In 5.6.1 the possibility to save the output process (dur, sin, dxo, dso) was removed. I really liked and used this myself a lot and added this idea: http://streamshare.streamserve.com/Ideas/View-idea/?ideaId=268 Never got an answer from OT :-(

    You could always open and copy from one project to another, but then you risk adding unwanted drivers to your Device database and also unwanted resources from the project you copy from. Normally I do this via a non vital environment (i.e. a local VM image), where I remove potetial problems.

    I still miss importing the XMLOUT, StreamOUT and PageOUT process. Particularly XMLOUT as I was able to manipulate the file before importing it (and we know the XMLOUT tool is not the best editor...).



    Monday 03 October, 2016
  • Robert Mühlberg Robert Mühlberg

    Hello Andreas,

    "You could always open and copy from one project to another" => based on this way: you copy and past its internal ID too and get then SANITY CHECK problems in 5.6.1 + 5.6.2!

    To avoid this:

    1) Add NEW empty PageOut in 5.6.1 or 5.6.2:

    2) Start previous PageOut, copy all objects

    3) Start empty PageOut, past all objects

    4) and add ALL settings(!) in new RunTime environment!

    By the way, NEW PageOut can't be added in newest StreamServe versions named CCE V16 any more, switch to StoryTeller's output now!

    Good luck - Robert from Germany

    Monday 10 October, 2016
  • Andreas Hjelle Andreas Hjelle

    Even in version 16 it is possible to edit PageOUT. It is also possible to copy PageOUT either inside a project or from one project to another. The only limitation is that you are no longer able to add a new PageOUT directly.

    I assume this is not what Aymon is asking about. Rather, he miss, like me the genius functionality that let you export PageOUT, StreamOUT and XMLOUT to a file that was easy to import again. This has been removed and StoryTeller will never fix this…



    Wednesday 12 October, 2016


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