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    Output 1 single PDF for multiple RDI jobs

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  • Sreenivas Reddy Sreenivas Reddy
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    Hi experts,

    I am working on a requirement (SAP -Streamserve integration landscape).

    According to my req, i am expected to create a single PDF output from Storyteller process for more than 1 RDI generated from SAP Script.

    ideally every RDI comes in a spool which is input for Streamserve for generating the output in pdf.

    Also, if the RDI spool contains N jobs or call to the same event in SS, i am successfully able to generate a single PDF for this large size RDI with multiple sets of RDI data corresponding to different Contract Accounts. However this is not possible from SAP. Or may be the SAP team has no clue.


    So, can we make this happen from SS end,accepting multiple RDI's via Spool and create one PDF with multiple page output for all the CA's ? 


    SAP Spool RDI calls event--> Event 1 -----> message-> callproc(Process 1)-----> Process 1-> PDF output

    So all the spool RDI's go through the same event and process, but i need to create single PDF instead of multiple pdf's

    Hope this is detailed enough for your understanding.

    Your help is appreciated.




    Monday 29 August, 2016
  • Nick Meuter Nick Meuter

    Save documents in document broker plus, and from there create a pdf.

    Monday 29 August, 2016
  • Sreenivas Reddy Sreenivas Reddy
    Nick Meuter wrote

    Save documents in document broker plus, and from there create a pdf.

    Hi Nick,

    can you please elaborate the explanation a bit with some valid samples if available as i am new to document broker plus.

    just guide me a little in detail about the approach to achieve this.



    Monday 29 August, 2016