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    PreformatIN: Rules and repeating events when Last Event is hard/impossible to match

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  • Arian Abrahantes Arian Abrahantes
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    dear all:

    I am aunable to get a solution out of the PREFORMATIN documention for a case I am working on. The general scenario is as follows, as input I may have an AFP as:

    A (N+M+...+X) pages document of P accounts, no page in between, Where; N,M,...,X; are dynamic per document:


    ACC 1: Page 1 of N


    ACC 1: Page N of N

    ACC 2: Page 1 of M


    ACC 2: Page M of M


    ACC P: Page 1 on X


    ACC P: Page X of X


    All pages have the same print layout and info to trigger with. I have my event as for first event in triggering for PAGE_PATTERN (Page 1 of?) AND DOC_PATTERN. As the page count per account is dynamic my repeat event triggers on  DOC_PATTERN only. And there goes the glitch, the repeat event is hit at page 2 and it reads all following pages. Giving only one output file instead of P.

    The way I am imagining this to work is: stop the repeating event when the Account Number changes from ACC1 to ACC2, or, better, when Page N of N, for that I need to evaluate a variable at Retrieve Event and set in the rule of the Message as DOC PATTERN AND NOT $CHANGED_ACCT=some_val (as documentation says) but I am not able to get it working:

    1- Has anyone got an example of the pseudo_variable working in the Message Rule?.  

    2- How can I set the page pointer of the preformatIn at a given page (i.e. one page above the current). Let say move it asynchronously.

    3- Last but not least, is there a way to trigger the event conditionally?, let say do repeat event only if first event was triggered? I read that events can be called asyncronously but only AtTheJobEnd. Any workaround would be helpful as long as the first-repeating-last event logic does not apparently cover my case.

    Thanks in advance,


    Wednesday 03 August, 2016
  • David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    Perhaps stupid, but if you wanted to check that page number is 1 for first page, then you can use rule that page number is not 1 for the repeatable pages.

    An attachment of the AFP file or at least something that demonstrates it would help.

    Friday 05 August, 2016


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