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    CallProc() not called during preproc phase

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  • loke kk loke kk
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    Hi, I get an error " Fatal error: No resources allocated for process, possible reason: CallProc() not called during preproc phase". I'm not sure what happen to my new changes code. Below are the script inside the PreProc Message. if($v_EmailAdd !=""){
    if (num($num_of_email)!=0){
    IF ($arr1[$em_count] = "")
    } else {
    if (PreProc()==0)
    $v_Return = execute("cmd.exe /c " + $v_EncryptionToolProgram_FullPath, 20, "", $v_ArrOutput);
    if (str($v_Return) == "0"){
    Any idea how to resolve it. Thanks.

    Wednesday 03 August, 2016
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    Mats Pursche Mats Pursche OpenText Employee Partner

    StreamServe will do this if you don't call the same processes in normal processing as you did in preproc. This is because memory and resource allocation is made in preproc, so if you try to call, let's say MailOut_Process without first doing it in PreProc, this will fail.

    Since you determin the process and connector after the execute() which is not done in preproc, you will get different answers, and then probably call Blankpage in preproc, and MailOut_Process in normal processing.

    Do the execute() in preproc and maybe use a session variable to keep the returnvalue until processing phase, or just do the execute twice.


    Thursday 04 August, 2016
  • loke kk loke kk

    Thanks Mats.

    Your information very useful for me on how to use the PreProc() and resolved my issue. 

    Friday 05 August, 2016