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    Applying fonts to a line which involves different languages

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  • Sreenivas Reddy Sreenivas Reddy
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    hi Experts,

    I have a req,where i need to display a line of text on the storyteller document. Apparently , this line of text is a mix of chinese and english text.

    Can i display this line of text applying different font styling for each of chinese and english texts in the same line.

    I have considered using a table row for this, but since this has to be a continuous text it is not feasible.

    Your help is appreciated.



    Friday 15 July, 2016
  • David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    If the individual texts are visible in StoryTeller, then you can assign them different character style and language.

    If the individual texts come from individual substitutions, you can use font and language modifications on a substitution.

    If everything comes from one substitution, then you cannot set different styling for just parts of the substitution data.

    Pehraps you could split the data into chunks by scripting and then using repeater to present english parts differently than chinese parts. Could be tricky.

    In v16 you could also use font chaining to append chinese font to a font to be used for enghlish.

    Any screen grab or visual explanation would help

    Friday 05 August, 2016