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    Bounced emails in Persuasion 5.6.2

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  • Andrew Day Andrew Day
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    Is there any way of checking for the status of outgoing emails. We are using StreamServe 5.6.2 and an SMTP(MIME) output connector. There will be one incoming (through a Webservice connector) XML containing up to 20,000 B2C records and for each we need to sent out an email with attachments. We have been asked to return details of any error emails generated i.e. bounced emails. 

    Is it possible in StreamServe to know the status of an email after it has been delivered to the output connector?


    Andrew Day

    Wednesday 15 June, 2016
  • Mukund Sawant Mukund Sawant

    Hi Andrew,

    You can implement status messenger if the error message can be trapped in logs and if it exists in lomsg.txt file.

    If Streamserve sends emails successfully to SMTP and if SMTP server creates any issues then it's not possible from SS side.




    Wednesday 15 June, 2016