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    Execute dot net external program Or .dll file possible? (v 5.5)

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  • loke kk loke kk
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    i'm using a pdf-connector as output and I want to set the password with AES 128-bit encryption. But v 5.5 does not have this setting to choose. So I would like to execute an external (.net) program OR .dll file to encrypt the PDF with AES encryption method.

    Does Streamserve possible to perform this action? And how to do it?

    I'm using streamserve v 5.5.

    Thank you.


    Best regards,



    Wednesday 01 June, 2016
  • Peter Grill Peter Grill


    There is no such thing as a PDF connector. PDF is the driver and can be applied to a wide range of connectors.

    I suggest taking a look at the "command connector" That will do the trick.

    In version 5.6.2 CF1, the recommended way to use any connector but instead invoke a Java filter on output connector.

    Good luck.


    Wednesday 01 June, 2016