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    Append documents to Reviewer/adHoc

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  • Heikki Jaakkola Heikki Jaakkola
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    Is it possible to append documents to Reviewer/adHoc documents? For example I have source material that triggers event and saves it to Reviewer. After that I receive another document which triggers the same event and I want to append it to the previous document in adHoc. Is that anyway possible?

    StreamServe 5.6.2

    Wednesday 20 April, 2016
  • Christofer Lindqvist Christofer Lindqvist StreamServe Employee

    It depends on what stage you would like to append i would say.

    For example, you could collate all documents on some metadata in a later post processing stage.

    Dont think it is possible to append that way in the actual AdHoc stage though.


    Thursday 21 April, 2016
  • Heikki Jaakkola Heikki Jaakkola

    That's what i thought. I'm trying to append these because the reviewer user might receive 80 documents and they want to accept these at the same time.  Thank you for your answer.

    Thursday 21 April, 2016


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