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    Content Overflow through StoryTeller

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  • Sreenivas Reddy Sreenivas Reddy
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    Hi Experts,

    In Storyteller while designing a PDF output page, how can we make sure that the static content in the page does not repeat to the next pages when we set the Page Setting to "Once or more" from "Exact count- 1".

    How can we ensure only the dynamic content in the table block allows its dimension to increase (initial setting is 3 lines of input as defined in the story frame) thereby letting the content below it to slide down, hence allowing which ever content is left beneath it only to flow to the next page.


    Thank you.

    Friday 26 February, 2016
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    Roman Ohorchak Roman Ohorchak


    not sure I understood the problem correctly, but may be this will help:

    Whatever elements are put directly on page will be rendered on every occurrence of the page.

    Whatever is put inside a story will be rendered just once.

    For example put the following into a story

    Static text1


    Table header

    Repeatable rows

    Table footer


    Static Text 2


    In the output you will have Static Text 1 on first page, then the Table with as many rows as necessary (depends on input, may overflow to the next page occurrencies)  and then Static Text 2 after the table.

    Note that the table location property shall be 'Paragraph' for the table to be able to overflow between pages.

    Friday 04 March, 2016


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