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    Storyteller with multipage PDF fragment - output file size too big

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  • Roman Ohorchak Roman Ohorchak
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    I need to attach a contend of PDF file at the end of StreamServe output.

    There are many articles regarding this task, I know. However converting PDF to LXF with Preformatin does not work good for my particular PDF (text in tables becomes transparrent and the table itself gets black background). So I tried inserting PDF as a fragment in Storyteller. The output looks fine, but there is a problem with the size. The original PDF I attach is 323.5kb large, but the output PCL6 file, which has just one page more , is 7.1 Mb large.

    As far as I understand the original PDF is just converted to immage. RLE compression for images is used in the driver settings. Are there some more settings to reduce the quality? How can I get smaller size of the output file?





    Thursday 14 January, 2016
  • Roman Ohorchak Roman Ohorchak

    It occured that the problem was inside the PDF file I had to attach, all text in it was rasterized. When I used  different PDF file it was inserted as text but not as immage.


    Tuesday 19 January, 2016


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