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    Sorting transactions by date within StoryTeller on a repeater

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  • Andrew Day Andrew Day
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    I have a customer statement XML that contains transaction lines which occur in invoice number sequence. I need to present them in the output in due date sequence. So in StoryTeller I have a repeater and I have added the following sort criteria:


    No output is created and Control Center I get this message:

    Libxml error message: 'xmlXPathCompOpEval: function FormatDate not found, Unregistered function, Stack usage errror, xmlXPathCompiledEval: 3 objects left on the stack.'.

    FormatDate() is a function defined in our Global project. The variables occur in the Event mapping and may be "4/26/2015" where the short date pattern is "M/D/YYYY" or "26/11/2015" where the short date pattern is "DD/MM/YYYY". This depends on the country where the statement is produced, so it is not possible to set an input format on the date field in the Event.

    Is it possible to sort dates in this way withing a StoryTeller repeater?


    Andrew Day

    Tuesday 15 December, 2015


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