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    How to set ExpiringTime in DB+ retrieve

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  • Mijno van der Ploeg Mijno van der Ploeg
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    Hi i am trying to set the ExpiringTime during the retrieval of documents from the DB+ repository.

    The application does update other metadata fields, but the ExpiringTime isn't set.

    I really hope somebody knows how to solve this.



    Tuesday 01 December, 2015
  • Enrik Beste Enrik Beste StreamServe Employee

    The expiringtime is set by the application automatically when you run a delete (action) ppq.

    It sets it to the current time.

    If you need to handle this differently then you need to define your own metadata field. You can run a delete ppq with a filter on this field where "myexpringtime is already passed". If the filter fits to a document, the application sets the expringtime automatically and the document will be removed the next time when the document deletion job is executed (TaskScheduler)


    Tuesday 01 December, 2015