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    SAPGOF Overlay in StreamServe

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  • Dennis Staiger Dennis Staiger
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    I know that SAPGOF formatted data can be read by PreformatIn using the SAPGOFIN filter and placed on a PageOut document using a dynamic overlay. Since I prefer StoryTeller and want to use its fragments, I would like to replace or convert the PageOut process with a StoryTeller process.

    The Output+ user guide states on page 23 that the setup with StoryTeller is not supported.

    I am now wondering how I can get the lxf generated by the SAPGOFIN filter into StoryTeller nevertheless. I am thinking along the lines of creating an lxf file, storing it in a resource set and then embedding it as a dynamic overlay in StoryTeller that way.

    Do you see a way to get the SAPGOF formatted data into StoryTeller (version 5.6.2)?

    Thanks for your help,


    Wednesday 02 September, 2015
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    David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    StoryTeller can use dynamic overlays from PreformatIN since 5.6.1

    http://onlinehelp.streamserve.com/5.6.2/en/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhe lp.htm#href=StoryTeller/Storyteller_design.05.71.html

    With same usage pattern - one invoke per one page of the document.

    But if your overlay is repeating many times, it would be more efficient to use it as static overlay.

    You can have another project that converts SAPGOF into LXF overlays. You can load LXF into StoryTeller from DC resource, from file, from resource store, from uri. From everywhere StoryTeller can reach.

    Thursday 03 September, 2015
  • Dennis Staiger Dennis Staiger

    Thank you David. Using the information you have provided, I was able to use StoryTeller instead of PageOut without any manual lxf process. I am attaching a sample project with has both, PageOut and StoryTeller version (PageOut output currently goes to the Null Connector).

    Tuesday 08 September, 2015