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    archiveservice wsdl (5.6.1)

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  • Mijno van der Ploeg Mijno van der Ploeg
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    We are using SAPDP including the SAP OT DP provider classes. The extraction of documents from the collector archive is done by the archiveservices (soapaction: http://schemas.streamserve.com/webservice/repositoryarchive/1.0/getdocumentsb64).

    Can you provide us with the WSDL of this service? We examine the possibility's (making query's, deleting documents, etc.).

    I did found an old version of this WSDL (SP4).


    Kind regards,

    Mijno van der Ploeg


    Wednesday 12 August, 2015
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    Dan Byström Dan Byström

    Looking for WSDL for Collector? Download link is https://knowledge.opentext.com/knowledge/cs.dll?func=ll&objId=18796 916&objAction=Download for Collector WSDL.

    Friday 14 August, 2015


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