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    How to get number of object added in StoryFrame like textfield, table etc

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  • Rajkumar Aoutade Rajkumar Aoutade
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    Overview : There are two pages in storyteller. Added three storyframes, one in page1 and second story frame in page 1 and linked with another storyframe of page 2. Added two Stories.

    Problem : One story for 1st story frame. In second story I have added 5 textfields and 2 tables and added skip script based on condition in before  editor of all object. If second storyframe data overflow then it will go on 3rd story frame on page2. if data is not overflow on 3rd storyframe then I have to skip second page.

    how to do that.



    Wednesday 08 July, 2015
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    David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    The page2 needs to be marked as "Repeatable". It will only display as long as there is some content for at least one story frame it contains.

    Not sure what do you mean by skipping the objects.

    If you just want to use the second frame on a first page when all story2 content fits in, then I suggest you use keep together paragraph settings in the story and second frame text emergency mode turned off. That would keep your frame on a first page empty if all content bound together does not fit.

    Tuesday 04 August, 2015


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