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    Codepage related error message

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  • Liz Atkins Liz Atkins
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    I have had to change the codepage of my project and I'm getting an error message. The project exports and deploys without errors but when I load a data file, I get

    Fatal error: Can't open mapfile or unknown codepage: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenText\StreamServe\Applications\StreamServer\5.6.1\Common\Data\ssmbyte.dat, ISO8859-15

    I'm no longer using the iso8859-15 codepage, I've changed the XML input header and converted the file to UTF-8. The project settings have been changed to  UTF-8 and the output connectors are also set to UTF-8, and I can't see what I've missed to get this error message.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Liz

    Friday 24 April, 2015
  • David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    Try to search for files with text text "ISO8859-15" in your deployed project folder structure.

    Monday 27 April, 2015
  • Liz Atkins Liz Atkins

    Thanks for the reply David, I couldn't find the 8859-15 in the folder structure, so I've reverted to an earlier version and started again.

    Thanks for the help,


    Thursday 30 April, 2015