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    ...MS SQL Server 2000?

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  • David Shih David Shih StreamServe Employee
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    Short answer: NO. Well, kinda. Depends on what you're talking about. ODBC calls from within StreamServer projects: Absolutely. The Enterprise Repository ("StrsSER"): Technically, yes. As of SP3, you *can* still install the Enterprise Repository on SQL Server 2000. But we do not recommend it. The Runtime Repository ("StrsData"): Up to SP1, you could install the Runtime Repository on MS SQL Server 2000. Starting with SP2, Stored Procedure Calls now require SQL Server 2005. To make the SPCs backwards-compatible with SQL Server 2000, R&D would have had to emulate a lot of the newer functions, which would have slowed down the database. So a decision was made to drop support for SQL Server 2000. The Web Content Repository ("StrsWeb"): Requires SQL Server 2005. Will not work on SQL Server 2000. What happens if you try installing the Runtime Repository on SQL Server 2000? The database load will fail. In Control Center, you should receive an error of type 999. ----------- 2000 (1 rows affected) Done Exitcode: 999 Database operation failed If you tun the database scripts manually, or check the Install_StrsData.log file (or install.log), you should get "SQLServer 2000 is not supported!"

    Monday 18 January, 2010