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    CC Sections and performance

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  • Mijno van der Ploeg Mijno van der Ploeg
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    I would like to know what scenario will give the best performance with composition center (CC) documents.

    Scenario's for a letter template:
    1) all elements are CC sections (header, body, footer, legal) each section can have 1 or more paragraphs thats set by rules;
    2) only the body is a CC Section all the other elements (header, footer, legal) are set in the StoryTeller template itself;
    3) only the body is a CC Section the other elements (header, footer, legal) are selected in the StoryTeller template and place the content of external StoryTeller Documents (SSD's).
    4) any other options?

    Wednesday 19 November, 2014
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    Christofer Lindqvist Christofer Lindqvist StreamServe Employee


    In a Composition Center project you normally have scenario 2 as the most used one. Content that is changed often, or where you want the business side to be able to make changes, is defined in Composition Center. Fixed content, like the layout of the document, header, footer etc are normally created as global fragments in the project. This so all your documents can make use of the global fragments, having the same look and feel and one change will affect all documents.

    Then of course you can also have exposed stories defined which you can use when defining your document definitions.

    Performance wise the best thing is to have it in StoryTeller. Composition Center will require extra lookups and verificaitons, rule evaluations etc.


    Wednesday 19 November, 2014


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