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    StrsWEB how does the ACL tables work after migration

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  • Petrus Näslund Petrus Näslund
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    I have strsweb content that has been migrated directly from 5.4 to 5.6.1 (although we had to pass migration through 5.5, thank you OT for that undocumented step - bug). Everything works fine except that we seem to have lost all user privileges on text and image resources. 

    If a user that belongs to the role Marketing Manager tries to edit an existing resource that he created before in 5.4 he is meet by the message "An error occurred. Please go back and try again. If the problem persists please notify the administrator. ". If I try to edit the same resource with the StreamStudio Admin user it works fine.

    If the user creates a new resource in 5.6.1 then he can edit the resource just fine afterwards.

    It seems something has gone missing in the ACL during migration, I can see that for all new resources created by the user there are rows inserted in the tables "ACL_ENTRY" and "ACL_OBJECT_IDENTITY". But there are no rows for already existing resources and I guess this is why the user is not allowed access to them. Please correct me if I'm wrong here?

    Is there a way to restore or create user privileges on existing resources in strsweb database after a migration?



    Thursday 11 September, 2014
  • Bijayan Sarkar Bijayan Sarkar


    Also, i am looking for the answer.

    Can anyone help?






    Monday 15 May, 2017