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    Document Presentment Archiving for SAP

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  • Kanok ECM Kanok ECM
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    Dear All,

    I am using Delivery Manager to connect StreamServe with SAP. I set it up by the following:

    1. Assign value to OTArchiveSystemMetadataGroup.

    - StrsOTArchiveSystemMode = "sap"

    - StrsOTSrchiveSystemUsesSAP = "True"

    - StrsOTSrchiveSystemClient = "800"

    - StrsOTSrchiveSystemObjectType = "XXXXXX"

    - StrsOTSrchiveSystemObjectID = &workorderId

    - StrsOTSrchiveSystemDocumentType = "XXXXXX"

    2. Configure DM Server and DM client in Control Center.

    3. Create Archiver and Service Gateway application in Control Center.

    4. Create SAP NetWeaver RFC Connection in Repositories.


    When I start all applications then print document from SAP. Output file is generated, Preview on SAP is working fine.

    But document does not archive to SAP. I always get the error '1 Error getting SAP security profile by alias ""' in Archiver log file.

    I already tried to assign value to 'StrsOTSrchiveSystemAlias'. The error change to be something like '1 Error getting SAP security profile by alias "XXX"'. - This alias value comes from 'SAP NetWeaver RFC Connection'.


    My questions:

    1. What is the correct value for 'Alias'?

    2. In document says the alias field is optional. Do I need to assign value to this variable?

    3. Are there anything wrong with my setting?



    - I do not use OTArchive Filter.

    - I do not use Archive server.

    - We have xECM setup on the server.

    - I follow the scenario 'An external archiving system connected to the SAP system' in 'OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions 5.6 Archiving for SAP User Guide.pdf'


    Thank you,




    Tuesday 26 August, 2014

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  • Ranjith Raj Ranjith Raj


    Seems like RFC connection profile issue.No need to give the "alias" in RFC connection profile.

    Many thanks,



    Tuesday 26 August, 2014
  • Prashanth Krishnan Prashanth Krishnan

    Was this issue resolved?

    5 days ago


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