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    ACIF validation error - CodePage Object T1000500 is not found

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  • Vinay Bhat Vinay Bhat
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    One of my AFP file prints good at my regular print shop. If I try to print the same AFP file at my new print shop, they get the above error, which refers to an overlay O1DISCAR (page 2 of my letter). This overlay file is defined within the resource set as I have not changed anything. The missing codepage is found in the AFP file after the overlay which is trying to use it. Could that be creating the problem? How does it print at my regular print shop and not at my new one? Do the new print shop team have to adjust something during the processing of AFP files when it encounters an overlay file & a codepage as regards their order/sequencing? or do I need to change something when it creates the AFP file in StreamServe? Relatively new to SSP5 v 5.5.0 and hence would greatly appreciate any help ... Thanks. Vinay

    Here is a snapshot of the AFP file (as a .txt file)

    NOP       Stre/_Serve C?__u>ic/ti?> Server 5.5.0 GA Bui%d 1761 07/02/2014 15:33:16
    NOP       StreamServe Communication Server 5.5.0 GA Build 1761 07/02/2014 15:33:16
    BRG       Comment=  BeginDocumentName=  TimeStamp=
    BR        O1EMPTY2  Type=Overlay Object
    BMO       O1EMPTY2  Comment=  TimeStamp=
    PGD       Size=11906x16838  DPI=1440x1440
    PTD       Size=11906x16838  DPI=1440x1440
    EMO       O1EMPTY2
    ER        O1EMPTY2
    BR        O1DISCAR  Type=Overlay Object
    BMO       O1DISCAR  Comment=  TimeStamp=
    MCF       1:(CP=T1000500 CS=CZ000001)  2:(CP=T1000500 CS=CZ000002)  3:(CP=T1000500 CS=CZ000002)
    PGD       Size=12240x15840  DPI=1440x1440
    PTD       Size=12240x15840  DPI=1440x1440
    BPT       Comment=  TimeStamp=
    PTX       If you smell gas, .....

    EMO       O1DISCAR
    ER        O1DISCAR
    BR        T1000500  Type=CodePage Object
    BCP       T1000500
    CPD       NumCodePoints=71  CodePointLen=1  GCGIDLen=8
    CPC       SpaceCharVal=64  DefaultCharName=SP010000  CPIrepeatLen=10
    ECP       T1000500
    ER        T1000500
    BR        T1000001  Type=CodePage Object
    BCP       T1000001
    CPD       NumCodePoints=3  CodePointLen=1  GCGIDLen=8
    CPC       SpaceCharVal=64  DefaultCharName=SP010000  CPIrepeatLen=10
    ECP       T1000001
    ER        T1000001


    Wednesday 02 July, 2014
  • Christofer Lindqvist Christofer Lindqvist StreamServe Employee


    Some printshops use their own resources instead of the resources built in to the AFP file that StreamServe creates. That could cause the problem with missing resources.

    For example, your Overlay contain some character not found in the original overlay, then StreamServe creates a new codepage that contain those characters. The file looks good when viewing since the resource is in there, but when the printshop is going to print the file they only use the predefined names for resources so they dont have the StreamServe created codepage and therefore it doesnt print ok.

    That could be one reason for the error anyway.


    Thursday 03 July, 2014
  • Vinay Bhat Vinay Bhat

    The new printshop team was able to bypass the ACIF validation on a different "fanpage" printer instead of the previous "cutsheet" printer. I did not have to adjust any of the AFP driver settings.

    Now, there is another similar problem with the old AFP file at the new printshop - it prints very slow when it hits AFP files with a DPI=1440x1440 (can be seen on the .txt file's screen shot above). AFP file needs to be created with a lower DPI of 300x300 to print efficiently.

    I tried changing the RESOLUTION on the AFP driver settings (from NONE to 300), but it got ignored. Is there some place else that I need to change to make this change effective?


    Wednesday 23 July, 2014