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    StoryTeller, Arrange order of objects

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  • Jon Jonsson Jon Jonsson
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    I have an annoying problem when designing in StoryTeller (I am still a beginner at ST, so maybe this is an easy one for you guys :-)). ST is design driven, so objects will be created as they apperar in a story. This gives me a problem in the following scenario:

    I have a rectangle. Upon this rectangle I have three tables (as three columns) in parallell which dynamicly will be filled with data (all three tables can have different number of rows (1-n), depending of the input data. I want the table with highest number of rows to decide the size of the rectangle (the rectangle should work as a dynamic square around the result from the three tables).

    As above, I will let the table with highest Y value to set the size of the rectangle, which works fine when using no fill (transparante) in the rectangle, since the rectangle is placed after the tables in the story. When changing fill to something else then transparent, the text from the tables are not visible. If I try to change the Arrange order (Send backward) of the rectangle, it will automaticly be placed before the tables in the story. Then will the wanted size of the rectangle not be known, since the table are not populated at that time.

    I think this problem does not appear in PageOut, since it based upon the preprocessing.

    I am stucked and frustrated (I suppose this is a rather common situation when designing). Anyone that can open my eyes for an alternative way to have the wanted result?

    I am using version 5.6.1. build 339.



    Jon Jonsson

    Tuesday 01 July, 2014
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    Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator

    I am not sure if I understand you but would not a table with 1 cell (with borders) with a table in it containing the 1 row with 3 columns and a table for each column not do the trick? Set all tables to paragraph mode.

    Tuesday 01 July, 2014
  • Jon Jonsson Jon Jonsson

    Hi Vyv,

    Sounds like a very good idea!

    I will try that and get back here.

    BR Jon

    Tuesday 01 July, 2014
  • Jon Jonsson Jon Jonsson

    Hi again Vyv,

    Your table-in-table-in-table concept worked fine!!! :-)

    Attached is a picture that shows how it looks in the Story. Very useful!

    Just some comments:

    • It seems to not be possible (or?) to create tables directly in a table cell, nor to move a table to a cell by drag-and-drop. The table has to be created and copied to the cell. No big deal, just a notification.
    • The additional tables for row and column holders has to be set with a minimum hight value, then will the tables with data decide the end height.

    Thank Vyv!

    BR Jon

    Wednesday 02 July, 2014

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