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    StreamServe 5.6.1 - Starting an application fails

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  • Dennis Staiger Dennis Staiger
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    On a freshly installed Win 2008, 64bit System, StreamServer (64bit version) does not start my application. Error message in the strs_boot.log:

    0310 143234 (0015) 1 Failed to load library D:\APP\OpenText\StreamServe\x64\Applications\StreamServer\5.6.1\Common\bin\cs.dll. ( sharedlibrarycomponententryimpl.cxx , 213 , StrsPlatform::SharedLibraryComponentEntry::loadError )

    The same application starts fine on another machine with a similar configuration. Sounds to me as if dll Files are wrong or libraries are missing.

    Any ideas what might cause this?



    Monday 10 March, 2014
  • Stefan Eklund Stefan Eklund StreamServe Employee

    Hi Dennis,

    Sound like something went wrong during installation. I would start by removing your apps, uninstall, re-install. Make sure you run the setup.exe as administrator.


    Monday 10 March, 2014