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    To print a Word-file via Output Center. (6554)

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    Monday 11 January, 2010
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    Using Output Center as a general printer spooler for other applications like MS Words:

    You use the LPD service from your Windows or UNIX environment to send directly to OC without processing the job in StreamServe. You define an LPR printer (see the documentation p. 25 how to define one in Windows2000) which sends the printout jobs to OC. When the jobs are delivered to OC you select the protocol (PJL, SNMP, LPR) you want to communicate with the printer, having in mind that the printer has to support the selected protocol.


    Here follows a working scenario when printing directly to OC from Word:

    1. When you define the lpr printer in windows
    Make sure that the port the Printer Name or IP address is the machine’s where you have the lpd service running. Make sure that the Queue Name has the name of the printer (Printer Name) you have added in OC UI.

    2. In OC GUI
    Make sure that the user you are logged in with on the machine where you run OC is defined with the same user ID. This user must also be defined as a local user on the windows machine, even if you are logged in as a domain user. This user has to be member of the local administrative group of the machine as well as a group member of an OC group.
    Result: The user you are logged in with in you OC machine should be able to login into the OC UI.

    3. OC Services:
    Make sure that the LPD service is running (to submit the job to OC) as well as the Scheduler service (to submit the job to the printer).

    4. Paper size of the word document:
    Make sure you use a paper size (i.e. A4) that the printer is configured with.

    //the event mentioned in the documentation is not necessary;

    You need StreamServe if you want to implement something with the notifications that are returned from the printer –


    If you want to send an mail to the user with specific printer status information you can use StreamServe and OC In connector to poll the database for status modifications.

    If you do not want to use StreamServe at all for status notifications you can always check them through the OC GUI.


    Monday 11 January, 2010