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    Templates and doc types not updated to Composition Center

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  • Jon Jonsson Jon Jonsson
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    I am doing some labs with StoryTeller and Composition Center in StreamServe 5.6.1, build 227. The first round everything worked fine with templates and document types etc. After a while I realized that the resources was not updated when changes were done in StoryTeller etc. I tried some actions with no success.

    I came to the decision to drop all services and all databases and recreate them. Now nothing is updated to Composition Center, the web content database is empty.

    Now I have done everything I can think about:

    • Recreate Enterprise, Runtime and Webcontent databases (twice).
    • Reinstalled Apache Tomcat, tested ver. 7, both 32 and 64 bit.
    • Delete and recreate of applications in Control Center.
    • Redeploy a huge number of times.
    • Using Task Scheduler for templates sync.
    • Deleted doc types and templates in runtime and redeployed.
    • Start/stop Tomcat and SGW huge number of times.
    • Huge number of host reboots.

    Nothing helps!

    I can see that there exists a couple of likely topics in this forum, although these are dated a couple of months ago. It seems like that solution has been to restart and recreate stuff a little bit randomly, and then things starts to work. But even by doing that, it does not works in my environment. Very frustrating, since it worked perfect at the beginning. Recreation of the databases are normallly the way to solve things, when you are really stucked, but not now..... By the way, the service is enabled in Runtime, the StoryTeller process have Composition C. marked, document types are choosen for the message etc (well, it has worked initally).

    My environment is based on Windows Server 2012 and SQLServer 2012 (local) in a VMWare host.

    Is there anyone out there that have found a stable way to fix (and then avoid) this situation for version 5.6.1?

    BR Jon Jonsson, Sogeti


    Friday 17 January, 2014
  • Jon Jonsson Jon Jonsson

    Well, to get the templates from StoryTeller updated, it works to manually update the template version before deploy. It is done in 'File -> Processing Properties -> Composition Center'. Then wait for next sync. When using the standard synchronization way, it can be seen in the <tomcat>/streamstudio.log (update seems to be done every second minute in the standard settings).

    To get changes in a sample file, used in Control Center, reflected, it seems to be more tricky. One way to do it is maybe to use DBAT to delete the sample file (in Persistent Resources) and then add it manually with the delivered java script (see more http://onlinehelp.streamserve.com/5.6.1/en/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhe lp.htm#href=Composition%20Center/Design%20Center%20configurations.3.12 .html). I have not tested it yet, but I will. BR Jon

    Friday 24 January, 2014


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