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    Dynamic switching between page layouts in StoryTeller

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  • Dennis Staiger Dennis Staiger
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    I am trying to implement the following requirement: I have a story which spans several pages. For the first page, I need a different layout that for all following pages. It works fine to define the document such that the occurence for the first page layout is "exact count 1" and "repeating" for the second page layout.

    However, the challenge I am having is that the story is inside of a repeater, meaning the above sequence should repeat itself for every new instance of the repeater. The page sequence should then be something like:

    Template 1, Template 2, Template 2, ... [end of first instance of the repeater] Template 1, Template 2, Template 2, Template 2,... [end of second instance of the repeater] Template 1, Template 2,....

    I tried switching page templates by using a modification on the page link, however that does not seem to have any effect when changing the value for the modification inside of the repeater. It does work when set inside a before script on the outmost document level but that does not give me the desired result.

    I also tried grouping the pages with the occurence for each page set as described above (exactly 1 page for the first template and repeating for the second), but then I need to find a way to tell StoryTeller when to start over with the page group (whenever a new instance of the story repeater is created).

    I can also think of a manual / scripting solution where I only have one page template and then move things around using scripting logic. However this approach is not very flexible nor elegant.

    Any ideas how to achieve the desired outcome?

    Clarification: I am referring to the page object as "template".

    Friday 10 January, 2014
  • David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    The only thing that we came up so far was to repeat a pair of pages, always skipping one of them, based on a position in repeated content.

    Check this similar topic: http://streamshare.streamserve.com/Forum/Topic/?topicID=2982

    Tuesday 21 January, 2014