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    Internal connectors

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  • Tim Midwinter Tim Midwinter
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    I'm not sure if anyone can help. 

    I am currently having some intermittent problems when trying to process a PPQ file. The file is created in the after script of my output job, but sometimes it is picked up by the input connector before the documents are in the post processor so it can't see any documents. 

    I have been advised that it would be best to use an internal connector to be sure the documents had been stored in the post processor. 

    Please could someone give me some pointers as to how the internal connectors work. I have added an internal output connector and set this up to get input from the message and output to a new input connector that I have created. 

    What I don't really understand is what the output connector is passing across to the input connector. Is it the output from the messages? If so is there any way to specify what output process is passed to the internal input connector, or do I need to create a new Message that is dependent on the internal input connector and create the PPQ file there and just use a spool in as it does currently?

    Any pointers on how this works would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    Wednesday 08 January, 2014
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    Martin Vogel Martin Vogel StreamServe Employee

    Hi Tim,

    Internal connectors work pretty nicely, but I am not quite sure tey can help you in this case. As you said, Internal output connector just feeds appropriate input connector by whatever is sent via it. You have typical synchronization problem, I worry. Fortunately, there is an option "Job Info File" that creates PPQ file selecting all previously stored documents. You can either use this file as input or as a trigger. Once this file is available, documents are stored into Post Processor.  Hopefully it helps.

    Best Regards,


    Wednesday 08 January, 2014
  • Tim Midwinter Tim Midwinter

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for this, I ahave tried doing it the way you have said and it appears to be working ok. 


    Wednesday 08 January, 2014


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