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    How many print-jobs until limit of Microsoft SQL-Server Express 10GB is reached

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  • Stefan Mayer Stefan Mayer
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    Hi everbody,

    we are thinking about starting Persuasion 5.6.1 with the Express Version of Microsoft SQL-Server.

    Has anyone experience how many print-jobs (roundabout) must be printed until the limit of Microsoft SQL-Server Express 10GB is reached?

    Print-jobs are only from SAP (RDI / SAPGOF) and about 5000 jobs every day. Most of them are PageOut on a pcl-printer and maybe a few hundred on LotusNotes-connector.

    Deleting expired jobs would be monthly or if database really get's too big.


    Would there be a problem if we change from SQL-Server Express to Microsoft SQL-Server later on when Persuasion is already running?


    Thank you


    Wednesday 10 July, 2013
  • David Shih David Shih StreamServe Employee

    SQL Server Express Edition is neither recommended, nor supported for Production environments.

    In addition to the maximum database size (10 GB with SQL 2012 and 2008 R2, 4 GB with prior versions), CPU/memory limitations (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM;, there are performance issues, such as de-allocating memory when idle; and lack of maintenance tools like the SQL Server Agent to handle scheduled backups, transaction log truncation, index rebuilding, etc.

    The StreamServe Runtime Repository can contain Jobs, Queues, static/dynamic Job Resources, published Composition Center DocDefs, Correspondence Manager messages, DocBrokerPlus documents, Composer data, StreamStudio roles/security mappings, job sequences...

    DocBrokerPlus documents and Resources can take up a lot of space in a Runtime Repository. Your job retention period makes a huge difference. Failed jobs can really add up quickly. Successful jobs, if not expired and deleted, can quickly consume a lot of space. The amount of space that jobs take in the Runtime Repository depends upon the total size of the jobs, times the number of input/output queues+DocBroker, times retention period. Jobs with documents containing large bitmaps or embedded fonts would take up more space than jobs without. Output queues containing PCL5 output will typically take considerably more space than ouptut queues containing PDFs.

    With 5000 SAP GOF jobs a day, and PCL5 output, and a one month job retention period, there's a good chance that you will hit the 10 GB limit. At the very least, you should decrease the job retention period--significantly--and run the expired job deletion more regularly.

    To switch the SQL databases, you'd simply shut down all StreamServe services, have your DBAs move the databases over to the new server, remount them, point the StreamServe services (Management Gateway for StrsSER, Application Domain Editor for StrsRuntime and StrsDesign, Control Center for DocBrokerPlus/Archiver) to the new database, and restart the StreamServe services.

    Overall, however, the official recommendation is to start off with SQL Server Standard Edition, and not use Express Edition in any Prod environment.

    Tuesday 16 July, 2013
  • Stefan Mayer Stefan Mayer

    We are now running Persuasion 5.6.1 with SQL-Express since 1st November 2013 and until now there was no problem.

    Settings in StreamServe are:

    -> Delete succesful jobs after 1 hour

    -> Delete jobs with error after 5 days

    In DBAT there are about 1300 jobs stored and the size of the SQL-Database is nearly constant at 2 GB.

    I hope this overview with our print-jobs and database-size can help everyone else thinking about starting with SQL-Express.

    Monday 25 November, 2013


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