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    Problem with Task Scheduler in LINUX servers

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  • Jon Jonsson Jon Jonsson
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    At customer site, we have two LINUX servers with StreamServe 5.5 installed. At one of them, a Task Scheduler service is running perfect. I configured an identical Task Scheduler at the other server, but that service does not work. It goes down after a couple of seconds. The normal log file is not even created.

    Attached is existing log files from the both working directories. There is some strange messages in the platform log.

    Any ideas out there?


    Jon Jonsson, Sogeti

    Tuesday 25 June, 2013

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  • David Shih David Shih StreamServe Employee

    Try deleting that Task Scheduler instance and the working directory from the file system. Then try re-creating it with no tasks.

    0625 153327 (0053) 1 Component loader: Failed to find component factory http://schemas.streamserve.com/uid/service/composerservice/1.0.

    On the second node, did you install StreamStudio? Or perhaps, did you install it with an earlier build, but not install it when you installed the last hotfix? If so, shut down all services (verify with a `ps -ef | grep streamserve`), and re-run setup and make sure to install the appropriate StreamStudio version on the second node. Even if you're not using it.

    Tuesday 25 June, 2013
  • Jon Jonsson Jon Jonsson

    Hi David,

    Ok, I have not been involved in the installation here, but I will check. How is the fastest way to check the StreamStudio version in a Linux installation? (in order to compare the two hosts)

    BR jon

    Friday 28 June, 2013