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    Add link/unlink control buttons to CC editor (TinyMCE)

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  • Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator
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    Hi there,

    I want to add the link and unlink buttons to the TinyMCE editor. There are guides on the TinyMCE wiki site for this and even a tip from Jacob here. But this can be a time consuming task for me..... so has anyone looked into this and even got it to work?

    Tips please!

    It may be that even if I manage to put in the control buttons that StoryTeller ignores them. In which case there is not point to do this.

    The CC application is used to compose emails and links in the CC objects should be links in the HTML output later on.

    Interesting to note that the TinyMCE editor for StreamShare that we use here is the same one used in CC.

    Thank you.

    Wednesday 10 April, 2013
  • Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator

    BTW: I got it working for composer - but we do not use that. Where is the TinyMCE.init() for CC?

    Wednesday 10 April, 2013
  • Petrus Näslund Petrus Näslund

    Hi Vyv,

    It's in there :-)

    I can send you a file later if no one else manages before if you can wait, I don't have acces at the moment.


    Wednesday 10 April, 2013