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    How to handle display DURATION data type (picture clause)

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  • Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator
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    Hi there,

    I have an XML file input with a duration field - a specification for this is here. I am wondering how to convert it to my designated display format.

    My input looks like this:P0Y0M0DT0H13M50S

    And my output should look like this:00:13:50

    I cannot find any picture clause that can handle this - but can I make one or are there more picture clauses in StoryTeller that are not documented?

    What is the best way to handle this? Any tips?

    If I hear of nothing then I shall write an ugly script to do it for me. :-(


    Wednesday 20 March, 2013
  • David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    Not that I would hear about.

    Seems like you will have to script it.

    Monday 25 March, 2013


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