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    wrong order of meta records. Port: SDR

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  • Jørgen Munck Jørgen Munck Partner
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    In a Persuasion 5.5.0 project, calling multiple outconnectors (print, archiving and and twice postprocessing for two different processes) using CallProc, I get this error (DB+):

    Internal error! SDR can't create new document, because previous document has not been properly closed due to wrong order of meta records. Port: SDRSDR stops writing to the repository after this error.

    But what is the meaning of 'wrong order of metadata' .. I was not aware of any order of metadata ? Could it be that the repository somehow gets locked

    Thanks for any help!

    Regards, Jørgen

    Thursday 07 March, 2013
  • David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    Meta records are low level data structures passing layout information from process to the drivers. Your message expresses an unexpected behavior reported by SDR driver. (StreamServe Document Repository - component that writes documents to Document Broker repository)

    If you believe that construction you did is correct you should pass the (simplified) project to support so that it would get to developers.

    You could also run the server with "-physlog" start argument, which would dump the meta records to readable text file. It should at least help understanding what went wrong.

    Friday 08 March, 2013
  • Jørgen Munck Jørgen Munck Partner

    Hi David,

    thanks for your answer. In 1 message I have 2 callproc's for 2 different processes, one for invoice and one for a letter - both to the SDR connector. If I have both callproc's in same run, I get this error - always after exactly 50 documents in DB+. If I run one callproc at the time, I get the job run, first e.g. for invoice. Then for letter.

    - I will try whith the -physlog and check that out.

    regards, Jørgen

    Monday 11 March, 2013
  • Aurelia Dirdala Aurelia Dirdala


    you posted at some point a reference to the possibility of setting "usecolor" in sdr driver for PCL file. We use Streamserve Persuasion version 5.4 and PCL 6.

    Can you support with some hints?

    Thanks a lot!

    Wednesday 29 October, 2014


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