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    Approach to looping through RDI data files through E-docs (SAP)

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  • Dennis Staiger Dennis Staiger
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    I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to pull repetitive data from SAP IS-U through RDI data streams. The solution was originally built to be used with JetForm. The data is prepared with Sapscript. Within JetForm, RDI-Control Groups where used to read the data structures (repetitive table data, header info etc.). In order to figure out the best approach gathering the data without significantly having to rewrite the SAPSCRIPT, I have the following questions:

    - What would you consider a best practice approach to pull SAP IS-U data through RDI data files into StreamServe? The data currently is prepared with SAPSCRIPT. Any suggestions on how to organize the data with SAPScript so that looping over data segments becomes straightforward in StreamServe?

    - Can I loop over PAGENAME? I know that I can get the current pagename using the variable $r3_pagename, but it does only seem to give me the name of the current page, not an array of pages I could loop over with a repeater

    - Can I read and loop over RDI-Control Groups? Here as well, I found a variable $r3_rdi_control, but I was not able to find any group names in it. Am I doing something wrong?

    I know how to use repeaters and blocks in StreamServe in general, but since the RDI data is not hierarchically structured like in an XML data stream, I am having a hard time to loop over the data correctly. For example, I do not have nested data like in XML. It is all sequentially with bits and pieces scattered throughout the RDI File.

    I am looking forward to your advice.


    Friday 14 December, 2012


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