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    Warnings after export project

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  • Mansouri madjid Mansouri madjid
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    after exporting a project that uses courier font on some project, i get the warning message : 

    Warning W1043: A corresponding file could not be found for the following font: "courier". This might be OK as a keyword for certain drivers (e.g. the Text driver).

    I know that this warning does not block the project deployment, but what is causing this problem knowing that I have the same problem with another project that uses a custom PCL driver for which I added the font for the Arabic language. This project worked perfectly on my machine under Windows XP but when I migrated to windows7, I started having these problems drivers and font recognition. Thank you in advance for your answers



    Sunday 05 August, 2012
  • Peter Martens Peter Martens StreamServe Employee

    Hi Madjid,

    Most of the times this error means that the ttf file cannot be found on the operating sytem (like in the c:\windows\fonts directory), or if the font is in the operating system, the font is not in the resource set.

    the easiest way to add the font to the operating system is to extract it from your resource set (or copy it from the working directory after deployement), and copy it into your windows font directory.

    If the font is not in your resource set, than create a font directory in your resource set, right click on the new created directory, and select "import font".


    Sunday 05 August, 2012