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  • Christofer Lindqvist Christofer Lindqvist StreamServe Employee
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    I have a question about possible solutions and i just wanted to see if there are any good ideas out there that could help me on my way.

    I want to create an application that gives the customer an easy way to send out marketing material etc created from a PDF layout and using an CSV file (for example) for address information.

    What i really would like is to use the PDF as an overlay directly, but that is not possible as far as i know. Of course i could process the PDF with PDF-IN, creating an LXF and using that as overlay, but that would give me a problem with fonts etc.

    Any good ideas?


    Monday 16 April, 2012
  • Mats Pursche Mats Pursche OpenText Employee Partner

    Hi Christofer,
    I'm not sure if it's doable but maybe you can have a filter that reformats the pdf to a gif or other image, and use that image in some way.

    You could perhaps use the CSV as indata to trigger all processes, and have a script that reformats the PDF to image. Put that image in the background of a StoryTeller process.
    Is it single page or multiple pages?

    best regards,

    Monday 16 April, 2012
  • Markus Anding Markus Anding StreamServe Employee

    "Image Magic" can do the conversion to i.e. TIF, since TIF can hold multiple pages. I'm not sure which quality you will get though.

    Monday 16 April, 2012
  • Christofer Lindqvist Christofer Lindqvist StreamServe Employee


    It could be either single or multipage.

    Filter on the inconnector that does a TIF conversion might be a good idea. Ill look into it to see if that might give me a better, more robust, solution.


    Monday 16 April, 2012
  • Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator

    Would you want your application to be able to handle simple variable place-holders too? If so then I think the PDFIN method is to be recommended.

    Considering the amount of times that customers have asked to build a similar function in StreamServe to MS Word's Mail Merge I am surprised that one has not been built already.

    Examples that I have come across and built bespoke are:

    -    PrintShop – Emergency cover letters (with Excel input)
    -    Retail – Mass mailings to customers advertising items with short sell dates (with PDF input)
    -    Credit Card – Mass mailings with up-sell products to existing customers (with PDF input)

    Each one of these has been a pretty much one-time affair yet the process has been the same – mass mailings based on templates and an address register.

    Isn’t it about time someone built a sellable product?

    Tuesday 17 April, 2012


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