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    lxfJobResource experiences

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  • Peter Martens Peter Martens StreamServe Employee
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    For one project I need to create a letter that at a later point in time is added to an invoice. The letter will only contain the body, and the invoice will supply the address and customer specific data.

    One of of solving this would be to use the insertoverlay (and put the address as variables on the lxf) function in the Post Processor to insert the letter (stored as lxf file, but this is not a very flexible way, and can present problems in a fail over/ load balanced setup (without a shared drive).

    Now I know there is also something like job resources. So lxf files that are stored in a temporary storage using an "Job Resource Connector", and retrieved later using the function OutputLXFJobResource.

    (See also:
    http://onlinehelp.streamserve.com/5.5/en/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm#href=Input%20and%20output%20connectors/HTTP%20connectors.11.10.html and
    http://onlinehelp.streamserve.com/5.5/en/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm#href=Scripting%20reference/ScriptingFunctions.2.006.html )

    Has anyone used this technique, and can someone answer the following questions ?

    - What kind of temporaty storage is used (runtime database, Poet, other ) ?
    - Is this still only possible using PageOut ?

    Any help or remarks are appriciated.



    Tuesday 10 April, 2012
  • Peter Martens Peter Martens StreamServe Employee

    The first question can I already answer.

    The document is stored as an index file (just as the old queues in the version 3 days).

    This means that in my case I cannot use it, since this is a local storage, on only one server, and the project will run on a multi server environment.

    Tuesday 10 April, 2012