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    Clip text in a cell Story Teller

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  • Ulrika Forslund Ulrika Forslund
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    I have a problem with a text in a cell that becomes to long and starts over in the beginning of the cell. Eg. I would like to have a "clip" function like in PageOut where you could clip or wrap the text.

    Is there a property for that in Story Teller? I can´t find it. se attached picture


    Friday 15 April, 2011

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    David Bares David Bares OpenText Employee Administrator StreamServe Employee

    Sorry, there is no explicit Clip setting on a table cell or text object.

    Seems like you have set the linespacing to 0, which causes next line to print over previous line.

    I believe that just keeping the row height fixed should keep only the first line of the cell content in the table. With standard linespacing = 1.

    You will eventually see a warning message in your output that content was not formatted completetly.


    Friday 15 April, 2011
  • Peter Martens Peter Martens StreamServe Employee


    Getting the same issue, is there an update on the clip functionality in the meantime?



    Thursday 18 May, 2017


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